Importance Of Keywords for a Website or Blog

Importance of Keywords

Many new bloggers are confused about the keywords. So in this post, we are discussing what are Keywords, and why are they important for the website? How many types of keywords are there in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

What are keywords?

Keywords are those short sentences by which the users can get any relevant information about those words. If any user searches for any information in the search engine then he/she types some words, and the users get many websites that have information about his words which he/she has typed in the search engine. If your website is not that words in your website then search engines will not show your website in the search engine result pages (SERP). 

Importance of Keywords for a website

Are you know that most traffic on your website comes from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. Google searches your website in their database by the keywords. 

If any person searches any query by the words in Google then these typed words are called keywords. Now Google searches that website in their database which has the keywords related to the query.  If Google gets a website that has related keywords will show in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). 

If you use the keywords related to the queries in your blog post or website then there are lots of chances to rank better in search engines. If your website ranks in Google then there are lots of chances to get more clicks by the users and our website is more popular among the users. 

But you should keep in mind that where can we use keywords on the website or how many keywords can we use on a web page. These all the information are easily available in our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) post.

How we can find the best Keywords for our website?

As we know that on the topic we are writing our post and the people search the same or relevant words about it then it is called keywords. But many new bloggers are confused about, how they can find such keywords?

For searching keywords there are many paid tools are available on Google like 



Keyword tool

Wordstream, etc.

But these all are paid tool that provides his service very costly. For using these tools you have to pay many dollars. But we suggest you for using free tools like Keywords Everywhere this is the best and free tool by which you can easily search thousands of keywords for your blog or website.  Besides this, you can use suggestions that are coming from Google when you are typing any word. 


Types of Keywords

There are many types of keywords but nowadays there are three types of keywords that are mainly used for the search engine. 

Short Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords


Short Tail Keywords:- Short tail keywords are those keywords that are searched in short words. Short tail keywords are mainly written in two or three words like- what is SEO, What are keywords, etc. These keywords have a very high search volume in search engines. 

Long Tail Keywords:- Long Tail keywords are those keywords that are long in length. These keywords are not searched by most users. There is a long combination of short-tail keywords. These combinations have low search volume in search engines. Like best SEO Company in Canada, Cheap Digital marketing company in Noida, etc.

LSI Keywords:- Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are those keywords that are internally connected to short-tail keywords. Like it is the same keywords related to short-tail keywords. Which have some searches. It is used in SEO to support short-tail keywords.

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is the process of placing keywords on the website. For getting traffic to your website you should use keyword stuffing. By keyword stuffing the website make a place in the search engine result pages. If any user is not using keyword stuffing in the WebPages then there is no chance to rank in the Google search engine. 

If there are more keyword stuffing in the website then there is a possibility that search engine can ban your website. So over keyword stuffing can also be harmful to your website. Before doing keyword stuffing you should know about Keyword density.

Keyword density

Keyword density is the term that is used to take knowledge about the keyword placement in the website or blog. It describes that how and where we can place keywords in the website by which it can gain ranking in the search engine. If any website owner has no knowledge about keyword density then this makes a bad impression on the search engine.

For example, if a keyword is used many time times in a website or blog then this breaks the rules of the Google algorithms and will affect the ranking of the website.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the process of searching familiar keywords for the website. This is a very important process from an SEO point of view. Many users are confused in the keyword research that which keywords are best for their website. For solving these queries there are lots of blogs and tools are available on the internet. But we suggest that for searching keywords you should do your own research on the internet. If you understand the intention of the user then you can easily get thousands of keywords on the internet. But if you are interested in the keyword research tools then you can take help from the keyword research tools which are given above.

How to use keywords in your post

According to the search engines, there should be main keywords in the title of the post. Besides this, you can use the same low volume keywords in your sub-heading. You can underline other LSI keywords in the body of the post. 

It is very beneficial that you will add at least one keyword in the starting and ending paragraph of the content. Because Google gives more importance to the first and last words of the content. 


We are confirming that you can get a better knowledge about the keywords and their types. You will take other information regarding SEO and other terms from our blog.

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