Best Free and Paid Tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Free and Paid Tools for SEO

SEO is the huge process of optimizing a website according to the search engine. It helps to driven traffic to the website for increasing sales and lead generation. For doing SEO there is a need for some SEO tools by which you can collect data and other information by which we can make a website attractive and informational for the users and search engine also. We can easily find our keywords competition. There are many tools on the internet by which we can analyze and manage our website. 

By SEO tools you can get a health report success report of the website. You can check visitors on the website. 

Free tools used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For doing SEO for any website or blog there is a need for many tools. These tools help in the tracking of the performance of your website. These tools also help for tracking errors of the website. You can fix these errors and improve the ranking of the website. Some of the tools are paid and some are free to use. Here you can find some free and paid tools by which you can take benefits from the SEO (Search engine Optimization).

Google Search Console

Google is the only leading player if we talk about SEO. Almost every website is optimized according to Google’s SEO updates. And that’s why Google Search Console tops this list of best SEO tools. It helps to monitor the performance of your site by analyzing the rank and traffic on it.

You just need to add a code offered by the console on your site and upload the sitemap on Google Analytics for indexing.  This tool will show the results on the basis of views on your site and how your site is appearing on the search results. As a result, you can optimize your website with the help of these results and gain better outcomes.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best and free tool of Google and it is very important for SEO.  By the help of Google Analytics, we can track the visitor which comes on the website or any app. We can track from where the users come on our website or app by it. You can also track which type of device the users interact with on our website or app. 

This tool provides real-time information that how much time a user spends on our website or which page is opened by him.

Google Analytics works in three steps:

1. It collects data from the user device

2. It compiles with the collected data

3. In last, it generate accurate reports

Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword planner is the free tool of Google that generates keywords for your website or blog. This tool provides thousands of keywords of high and low traffic. This tool is built according to the Adwords advertisers. This tool helps in the bidding for Adword masters but If you are doing organic SEO then you have no need to use this feature. 

For accessing this tool you have to create an account. After it, you can get full access to this tool. You can take an overview of this tool in its dashboard.

Sure Oak 

Sure Oak is the best keyword rank checker tool by which we can check the position of the website in search engines. This tool is 100% free for the user and provides almost exact information. You can place the domain of your website and keywords also. After it, you can generate a final ranking report of the website.  

Ahrefs Webmaster tool

Ahrefs is the best tool for tracking website performance. There are 53% of user uses Ahrefs tool. But many of the users can`t afford its paid version. That`s why Ahrefs launches a free Ahrefs Webmaster tool for their users. 

This tool is very beneficial for SEO. With this tool, we can Audit, Keyword research, Content exploring, site exploring, keyword difficulties, Backlink checking, etc. 

For the growth of any blog or website, there is a need for the SEO of that blog. This can be easily done with the help of Ahrefs Webmaster tool. 


Paid tools used for SEO (Search engine Optimization)


SpyFu has a free as well as a paid version. However, many experts admire using free version tools because they are capable to meet their core requirements. Using this tool, you can analyze the most searched keywords and how you can implement them with your website.

This will help you to determine the challenges your site facing to rank similar keywords.

In addition, you can also monitor your competitors’ performance and the keywords they are using to rank their sites. Overall, SpyFu offers a compact set of tools through which you can drive better outcomes consistently for your site.

 Moz Software

Moz is one of the best SEO tools that is loved by digital marketing professionals. Some experts are still amazed by its working criteria as it always stays up-to-date according to Google’s regular search algorithm modifications. It also has a query section through which your SEO-based question will be answered quickly.

Not just you will get performance insights of your site, but you will also be able to determine what changes are required for better performance. Overall, this software is worth installing and utilizing for your website.


Another major name in this list is SEMRush, which has been a favourite tool for SEO experts. This tool not just offer features to analyze your site’s performance on Google, but also provide opportunities to make changes and get better rankings.

One of the most utilized features is Domain vs. Domain, through which you can analyze the performance of your competitor’s website with yours. Moreover, its On-Page SEO tools will help you to make alternate changes for better results.

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