8 Things to keep hydrated your Body without water

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You might not know that every food and drink you eat or drink contains some water. Usually, a normal and healthy person consumes 20% of the water from his food. If we want, we can stay hydrated even without water, but this does not mean that we stop drinking water at all. Water is also very important for our body. Today we will tell you about many such foods, through which you can supply water in your body. But all these substances will prove beneficial when you drink water. We will reiterate that water is not to be discarded at all. If you drink water, then you can overcome the lack of water in your body along with these foods. So let's know about all those foods.


Maybe tea is a part of every man's life. So let's talk about tea.

Did you know that tea is actually 100% water? It is a mixture of some new spices along with water. Whatever way you like to drink tea, tea is actually water in a way. Tea is a great way to stay hydrated without water for a while. No matter what kind of flavor you like to mix with it. Sugar and salt are very bad at staying hydrated. So you stop taking these things in tea if you like to stay hydrated through tea.

There is a belief among people that caffeine makes you very diabetic, but there is no scientific mention of this. In a few different ways, tea can force you to urinate very quickly. But that doesn't mean you're not hydrated. You will still be somewhat hydrated and your body will not be dehydrated.



There are many myths about coffee that coffee reduces water in the body. But there is no certainty about it here. The most important thing is that phlegm is made from water only, so how come we are taking water in our drink. But here one thing can definitely be kept in mind that by taking an excessive amount of phlegm, you can complain of blood pressure, that is, it can increase your blood pressure. So you would be better off skipping the coffee in the evening.

Like tea, drinking coffee regularly will not make you feel dehydrated. But along with this, you also have to keep in mind how often you are drinking coffee.



We all know that milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamins. Milk is a very good drink to keep the body hydrated. If you use milk instead of water, you can stay hydrated for a long time. Milk contains some proteins and fibers that can keep you away from hunger and thirst for a long time. Apart from this, there is no shortage of water in your body.

Apart from this, it is not necessary that you should not drink water along with taking milk. You should keep taking water along with milk.


There are many fruits available in the market which not only supply water to your body but also supply vitamins to your body. Apart from supplying water to your body, fruits are very helpful in keeping your stomach healthy.

Watermelon supplies a lot of water to your body. That is why eating watermelon in the summertime is very beneficial for health. If watermelon is eaten with black salt then it is very good as well as it gives a new taste. So we should consume more and more watermelon in the summertime and the good thing is that it is easily available in summer.

Apart from this, cucumber, cucumber, berries, papaya also supply water to the body.

Curd or Buttermilk

Usually, curd and buttermilk contain only about 80% water. If we use curd or buttermilk regularly in our food then it is sure that there will never be a shortage of water in our body. With curd and buttermilk, we can keep our bodies hydrated.

As we have mentioned earlier that it contains 80% water so after consuming it you will feel very less thirsty and you will feel fresh all the time.

Along with this, if you take curd and buttermilk in your food, then it brings beauty to your face apart from keeping your body hydrated.


Salad has an important role in keeping the body hydrated. If we take salad regularly in our food, then it is very good, we can take salad anytime like if you are hungry then you can eat salad.

Most salads contain green vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers, cucumbers, tomatoes. All these vegetables contain a sufficient amount of water, so it is very beneficial to stay hydrated. Apart from staying hydrated, it increases the metabolism in our body so that we will stay fit and fall ill less.

This will bring a glow to our face and obesity will also be in control and water will also be supplied.


Eating green vegetables is very beneficial for health. Most vegetables contain 80% water so that our body stays hydrated for a long time. If we eat green vegetables without cooking, then it is a very good option to keep the body hydrated.

Mostly potatoes are used in every vegetable, so do you know that potatoes contain 50% water. Tomatoes contain 80% water. Along with iron, the amount of water in spinach is very high. So we can also drink the juice of these vegetables to keep our body hydrated.

So to keep your body hydrated, you should include more and more green vegetables in your diet.

Apart from this, capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, can also be used in your food to keep the body hydrated.


There is too much water in the soup. Because soup is also made from green vegetables. Apart from this, some new things are added to it, so that its quality goes further.

We know that tomato soup is very easy to make and tomatoes contain a lot of water, so we should use tomato soup to stay hydrated.

Many simple vegetable soups can be made with it, such as spinach soup, fenugreek soup, mixed soup, etc., so soup is a great drink to stay hydrated. Apart from keeping hydrated, it does not cause a deficiency of vitamins in our body.

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